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PCU-PC LED Tri-proof Light
PCU-PC LED Tri-proof Light


Model Size Power Lumen Light Efficiency
PCU P60-20W 675*135*95mm 20W 2400LM 120LM/W
PCU P60-30W 675*135*95mm 30W 3600LM 120LM/W
PCU P120-40W 1280*135*95mm 40W 4800LM 120LM/W
PCU P120-50W 1280*135*95mm 50W 6000LM 120LM/W
PCU P150-50W 1575*135*95mm 50W 6000LM 120LM/W
PCU P150-60W 1575*135*95mm 60W 7200LM 120LM/W

1.Material: PC housing + PC cover + Aluminium board.  
2. IP65, water-proof, dust-proof, corrosion-proof, pressure-proof. 

3. Operating: -20~ +50°C  
4. Light efficiency: 120LM/W at clear cover.
5. CRI:80~85Ra  
6. Three years warranty.  
7. Color temperature: 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6000K optional.  
8. Power factor: >95%; Frequency: 50/60Hz, Working voltage: AC 85-265V  
9. Low light decay, L70=50,000 Hours.
10. Dimmable, emergency or sensor version is available

Product pictures: 
PCU-PC LED Tri-proof Light

PCU-PC LED Tri-proof Light

PCU-PC LED Tri-proof Light

A. Ceiling Mount  

PCU-PC LED Tri-proof Light

B. Suspending
PCU-PC LED Tri-proof Light

3 years. Powercoon u.s.a replaces the defective product with new one for free in warranty period.

Parking place / Airport / Tunnel / Corridor / Gallery
Railway / Bus / MTR Station
Warehouse / Factory / Gas station / Supermarket